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JAnalyser – PDF Report

Description JAnalyser provides flexibility of generating a pdf report using Jmeter results files. It allows to add your own content to header and footer for each chart. Steps to generate PDF Report: 1. Login in to JAnalyser 2. Navigate to Testrun and...
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JAnalyser 2.0 Userguide

Introduction JAnalyser is a browser-based tool that can be used for Jmeter results analysis. This tool is developed to fill the gap between Jmeter results and management reports. This tool is also featured to merge external data (like PerfMon,dstat) with...
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Analysis tool is having 3 important sections. 1. Main Menu – Set of operations like Add Chart, Remove Chart , Global Filters and Report Edit. 2. Chart Tree – List of charts selected from Available Charts 3. Chart Area – Contains Currently...
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Testrun Timezones

Timezone is one of most important selector in JAnalyser. Using the correct ‘Timezone’ for Testrun will help for better analysis and keep all shared users of that particular ‘Testrun’ on the same page. We recommend to use ‘Timezone’...
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Run Analysis

Run Analysis prepare your uploaded files for analysis. Run Analysis process is a multi status activity in JAnalyser. ‘Testrun’ and ‘Testlogs’ status will be in ‘Pending’ mode when it was created/uploaded. Clicking on...
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