Performance Consulting

Every day business expects to deliver most scalable , reliable user experience to the end users. A beautiful UI alone is not good enough to attract user but a strong performance bugs free application which scale the user demand is very much required.

Epireum provides consultancy for such customers who are interested to know there application capability before going to production. Our experts help you to understand and unearth performance issues in your application.Epireum gained enough experience to provide you the best consultancy.

How we help you during consultancy

  • Understanding nature of business and end customers
  • Extracting data points from historical data
  • Designing workload models to be tested
  • Identifying the Tool to be used for performance testing
  • Conducting POC on target system
  • Helping customer to find the best resources to do Performance testing
  • Setting Performance testing environment using cost effective solutions
  • Mentoring the team until project reached to the goal

Fell free to contact us. We provide 3 hours of free consulting to new customers.