FAQ – Analysis Failures

JAnalyser shows reason for failures when analysis failed. Here are the list of most common reasons for failures.


No file found to process

Problem :This failure message appears when the folder is zipped and uploaded to JAnalyser.
Solution: JAnalyser do not allow folders zipped. Make sure that only file is zipped, not the folder.


Header is not jmeter supported format

Problem : This failure message appears when the user select file type as Jmeter-CSV and result file do contain header line in the correct format. JAanlyser do not support listener’s summary/aggregate data. Please read more about Jmeter results in CSV format.
Solution: Upload correct result file to JAnalyser.


Jmeter results may be not an xml

Problem : This failure message appears when the selected file is of type ‘Jmeter-XMl’ and result file is not well formatted xml. Problem in xml may cause due to many reason. Make sure the result file is well formatted.


Error Code # 121

Problem : Headerline column count did not match with values. Error Code # 121
Solution: responseMessage column in your results file might have extra ‘,’ in the message, which cause header column do not match with values. Find and remove ‘,’ in responseMessage Column.