JAnalyser File Upload


JAnalyser supports multiple file types from different tools like Jmeter,Windows-Perfmon , linux dstat etc.

For smooth file processing one need to understand the file types.

Read more about Jmeter Log (Jmeter-Log) , CSV (Jmeter-CSV) and XML (Jmeter-XML) formats.
Read more about Windows Perfmon (Windows-Perfmon).
Read more about Linux dstat (Linux-dstat)
Read more about Custom CSV (custom-csv)

How to upload files
1. ZIP your result file only using winzip or winrar with extension .zip only. JAnalyser do not support .rar extension’s.
2. Do not zip folders.
3. Select the File Type. Read more about File type in above para.
3. Browse the file using File Manager.
4. Select “Timestamp” format used in uploaded log files. Selecting wrong ‘Timestamp’ format will leads to process failure.
5. File size shows the current selected file. You can upload files size less than allocated file size.
6. Click ‘Upload’

Amazon S3

By default all files are stored in Amazon S3 secured storage server. It is also possible to store in your own private Amazon S3 account. Please contact our support team.

The files which are uploaded will be available to our support team for 48 hours. You can send request to our support team with in 48 hours in case if you have an issue with result processing.

Support team can not access your uploaded files after 48 hours.