About JAnalyser v2.1

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Get your jtl files merge automatically

Auto merge feature

JAnalyser support to upload multiple jmeter results belongs to the same test execution. Result file can be in csv/xml format or both. JAnalyser auto merge facility will take care of your file merging and save your time.

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Generate a customized report

Report Analysis

JAnalyser now supports to customize report. You can add/edit/hide required charts in final reports. It also provides to add your screenshot to the report.It is powerful enough to add your own analysis to the report.

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Analyze your application performance

Dynamic Analysis

JAnalyser support more advanced dynamic analysis. It supports to filter your data based on time duration, thread groups and load agents used during load test. This feature enables to breakdown results to more accurate level.

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Overlap your external tools data with results

External Tools

JAnalyser accepts and analyze various third-party tools outputs. Various tools like Linux dstat , Windows Perfmon or custom CSV file format can be uploaded to JAnalyser. It also provides to cross merge third party tools with Jmeter results like Response time vs CPU etc.We are increase support to new tools list.

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Share your analysis data with team

Share with team

JAnalyser allow to share analysis with team friends and members. Share analysis url with anyone over email. Get help from experienced performance engineers.It is secured and easy like sharing a blog.

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Store your results in your own cloud

Amazon S3

JAnalyser support to upload files to private Amazon S3 cloud. JAnalyser provide facility to config your own S3 bucket. More features like dropbox, google drive coming soon. it is secured, safe and fast..