Epireum is house of automation and loves to automate everything in a feasible way. Our in-house intelligent robots have mentoring skills in automation, so we organize work based training programs.

Epireum has an effective way of providing training to new comers. The work based training program also covers part of our selection process. Our 3 months training program provides challenging opportunities for the trainees to acquire required skills. We provide training to qualified candidates. We also provide corporate training in Performance testing.

Our training program covers

  • Basics of web application communication
  • Performance testing concepts
  • Workload identification and distribution
  • Recording various applications
  • Scripting and Error handling
  • Test data management using different techniques
  • Knowledge on test types
  • What to Do and What not to Do
  • Results collection
  • Results Analysis and Reporting

Note: We try to introduce more real world problems to the above list. Also the depth of topic changes based on training duration.

Contact us for more information about our training program.